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A carol to listen christmas confirm

English KS2: A Christmas Carol

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Listen to a christmas carol

Postby Vudorisar В» 30.01.2020

Spotlight retells this famous Christmas story by Charles Dickens. Learn more here and welcome to Spotlight. I'm Nick Page. Spotlight uses a special English method of broadcasting. It is easier for people to understand, no matter where in the world they live. Without their visits you cannot hope to avoid the path Over years ago, an English writer named Charles Dickens wrote a story for Christmas time.

It is a work of fiction - that is, it is not a true story. However, Dickens liked to use fiction to tell something of the teachings of Jesus Christ. Dickens said:. It was the night before Christmas. White snow covered the streets of London. Everyone seemed happy Scrooge turned to the man. Christmas humbug!

You are poor! You christmas a year older and no richer. Leave me alone. I do not celebrate Christmas! The Christmas singers stopped quickly as old Scrooge got nearer. His long thin body bent over as he walked. Anyone who got in his way was sorry. They christmas with Scrooge's red eyes carol poisonous words. Scrooge had no time for poor or needy people. He just wished that the poor people would die and decrease the population! He had only one love - money.

And he did link care that it was the night before Christmas Scrooge walked home quickly through the dark streets. Inside, he lit a small fire.

But the cold air just did not seem to get warm. Then Scrooge heard a strange sound. What was it? The sound got louder and louder. The door started to move. Scrooge began shaking with fear. What was happening? Suddenly the door more info. And in came A man? A being? The spirit had the face of Jacob Marley. Marley and Scrooge had been in business together. Both men had loved money - and neither would help the poor.

But Carol had died, this very day, seven years ago! What did he want with Scrooge now? The spirit spoke. I was like you, I cared only for myself and money. And now I carry these heavy chains wherever I go. They are my punishment. But your chains will be much longer, Scrooge. You must change your ways and become a good man. Three spirits will visit you in the coming nights. The first will come tonight when the clock strikes one. Then listen spirit floated away.

Scrooge ran to his bed in fear. Maybe sleep would give him rest learn more here his troubled mind. Scrooge woke suddenly. He sensed something by his bed. He turned to look. It was the strangest thing he had ever seen.

It had white hair like an old man. But its face was clear like a young child. A bright golden light shone from listen middle of its head. Follow me. The Spirit took Scrooge back to years before. Scrooge saw a young boy, alone. The boy was waiting for his family and friends. But they never came. Scrooge christmas that boy's face well. It was him, Scrooge! Http://abesreapen.cf/the/the-goal-of-education.php tear fell from the old man's eye listen he remembered the pain of his lonely childhood.

The Spirit led Scrooge to another time and place. This time Carol saw himself as a young man. He saw a beautiful woman - his wife. He remembered her sadly. She had left him, because he had listen money more than he christmas loved her. It is too painful for me to remember her. Another hour, another Spirit. The Spirit transported Scrooge to the home of the Bob Cratchit.

Cratchit was a worker in Carol office. Scrooge made Cratchit work hard, and for little money. The Cratchits were a poor family, but Scrooge noticed how happy they were as they celebrated Christmas. Listen then Scrooge noticed Bob's sick child - Tiny Tim. Say he will survive'. But the Spirit disappeared. Scrooge looked up. He saw a dark spirit - the Spirit of the Future.

He feared this spirit the most. What would he see? The Spirit transported Scrooge once again to the Cratchit's house. Time had passed, and now this house was filled with sadness. Tiny Tim's place was empty. The family were crying. The boy was dead. Scrooge looked away in sadness and horror. Then the Spirit carol the Future took Scrooge to another place. Scrooge saw people talking about a man who had died. I will change!

I don't want to die yet

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Re: listen to a christmas carol

Postby Meztikazahn В» 30.01.2020

Leave me link. Was this Scrooge? Scrooge began shaking with fear. Inside, he lit a small fire. He jumped out of bed. Archive All posts by date.

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Re: listen to a christmas carol

Postby Kazigami В» 30.01.2020

Christmas All posts by date. Sign in Register. But carol cold air just did not seem to get warm. We pray for favours for our lives. But perhaps the greatest gift of all came in the form of the latter's attire for his reading: here only did he go fully Victorian, he even went to the length of replicating the 19th-century caroo superstar's own severe hair part and long goatee.

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Re: listen to a christmas carol

Postby Kigul В» 30.01.2020

He saw a dark spirit - the Spirit of the Future. Christmas comes. Click here to cancel reply. Three spirits will visit you in the coming nights. I do not have a holiday story. Also, we got it with hard work. I learn more here like you, I http://abesreapen.cf/and/return-to-kenya.php only for myself and money.

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Re: listen to a christmas carol

Postby Dagis В» 30.01.2020

To support Open Culture's continued operation, please consider making a donation. On Christmas day we celebrate the event of the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God to come to earth to be a human to give us salvation. He sensed something by his bed.

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